Volunteer at Heritage Village!

Volunteers play a vital role in the Museum’s success, contributing to operations and programs. Our volunteers dedicate their time and talents to a diverse array of areas including events and educational programs; historic preservation; grounds maintenance; collections care; and more! Explore our latest volunteer opportunities today.


At Heritage Village, every task is important! With over 20 structures on-site, each needs to be opened in the morning and closed in the afternoon. Join us in ensuring these buildings are accessible to guests during the day and secure at night. Volunteers have the option to select either an opening or closing shift, allowing them to enjoy a 40-minute walk through the park while fulfilling their volunteer hours.

Collections Care

Heritage Village serves as the primary repository for Pinellas County History. Within the Heritage Village collection and archive are 20,000 pieces of material culture along with numerous historic maps, photographs, postcards, scrapbooks, yearbooks, and other significant artifacts. Collaborate closely with our Curator of Collections and Archivist to contribute to the preservation of Pinellas County History.


Heritage Village demonstrators bring history to life by showcasing old-world crafts such as weaving, knitting, and blacksmithing. You can also share your own unique skills with the community.

Gift Shop/Welcome Desk

The gift shop serves as the gateway to Heritage Village! Our dedicated gift shop and greeter volunteers play a crucial role in welcoming visitors, offering details about events and programs, and managing customer sales. This shop is a key contributor to Heritage Village’s fundraising efforts.

Grounds Maintenance

Heritage Village spans 21 acres and demands ongoing grounds maintenance. Our volunteers play a crucial role in ensuring the grounds remain visually appealing for our visitors. Maintenance tasks entail clearing porches and pathways, tidying signage, minor repair tasks, and light landscaping duties.

Historic House Care

At Heritage Village, there are over 20 unique structures! Among our collection, the historic houses need regular cleaning and maintenance. Collaborate with our Museum Specialist to preserve these valuable historical assets.

Tour Guide

Take visitors on an immersive journey through our historical houses, providing a window into the past! Our tour guides play a crucial role in enhancing the visitor experience. With our Curator of Education present on-site, each tour guide is expertly trained to deliver engaging and enjoyable tours.

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